Moo, Moo.

Last night I came across a back-to-college commercial for Gateway computer. Nothing any of us haven’t already seen already: ultra low cost computer systems complete with a free printer, after a fifty dollar rebate. Except this time I caught a slight difference in the advertising message:

“…perfect for blogging or sending email…”

I can’t be sure because I rarely read Ad Week anymore, much to the disappointment to my college mentor I’m sure, but I’m almost positive that’s the first time a computer company has used blogging as an activity that their products are perfect for. Amazing how in less than five years blogging has replaced gaming, video editing, and homework as the criteria of choice for purchasing a computer. Interesting.

Perhaps Six Apart should get in there and co-brand a Typepad/Gateway laptop, complete with a Lance Armstrong knock-off rubber wristband, baby-blue and stamped: TYPESTRONG.

And if Gateway is going to talk the talk then lets see them walk the walk. I believe Apple is the only computer company to actually use blogs (albeit poorly executed) to help promote their brand.

Mr. Inouye if you would like to see how it’s done, how Gateway could and should be using blogs to help sell computers to students, families and businesses, I’d be more than happy to show you how it’s done — I’m just ten minutes away.