Can anyone tell me why a software company, no matter the size, would require users to join a mailing list (that generates a ton of unwanted email and spam) to receive basic customer service? Doesn’t that sound like a really, really bad idea? Remember when everyone was complaining about having to talk to someone in Asia to receive customer support? At this point I would love to talk to anyone, even in French if it meant I could get some assistance with MarsEdit.

Every time I try to retrieve old posts I get this descriptive error message:

Can’t get recent posts for Airbag because Unknown fault.

Unknown fault? What the hell is that? Unknown could be anything. Maybe MarsEdit is having problem working with Earth gravitational field. Or could it be that with the holidays upon us the program is simply to emotional and depressed to perform that task adequately? Since it doesn’t know what’s wrong I’ll go ahead and give this error a name befitting the problem: Error # 349: Dog Houses Eat Pancakes.

Now I’m ok with software that doesn’t work with just a few clicks because not everything is that simple. And I can appreciate the labor it takes to make software — mostly because I get punch-drunk-stupid when I have to look at anything beyond HTML — but I don’t like the thought of having to join a mailing list to get support for software that I paid good money for.

That’s like Maytag telling me I have to join a twelve step program to find out why the washer doesn’t like colors mixed with whites.