More from Lake Laurelwood.

A white glove has been slapped across the face of the Laurelwood Committe for Change. Since last I spoke of the local democratika, the board of directors has shown it’s hand with one brilliant move.

As you recall, the LCC is a group of homeowners challenging the leadership of our association. Several board members have served longer than premieres of the former Soviet Union. Aside from their 20 congruent terms in office, some feel that it’s time for a change.

I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. For a while the board did nothing to address the questions and position statements of the challengers.

Since then there have been flyers, long email threads, lawyers, flyers, and more email threads. Everyone a finger pointing at the other and neither seeming to contains real facts. Apathy creeps around and more people are concerned with their gardens than the affairs of our community politic.

Such is life in the little corner of Tustin, California.