I’m in Santa Monica. AKAWaxy’s hood.

A swanky Apple employee (he’s wearing a fedora and an Orange Apple Camp t-shirt) is trying to demonstrate the Apple Music Store. I’m here for the free WiFi connection.

Most of these presentations are carried out with how-to questions by a curious and well intended audience.

This afternoon however, the Santa Monican audience contains two individuals who are trying to argue the value of Apple, the music store, Betamax, stealing, Napster, and world history with Mr. Fedora.

Despite his attempts to just move along, the antagonist keep bringing him back in. All he wants to do is show people how to buy a CD online but the guy to my left wants to complain about the lack of physical value an online purchase has. And the guy in front of me is convinced that digital music is inferior to CD quality (which is also digital but this guy doesn’t believe it).

The whole scene is making the Apple Security Guard a little uptight. I thought she was flicking the cover off her sidearm but it just turned out to be an iPod case. Maybe the gun is on the other side.

I knew Santa Monica has a lot more color (no, not the skin kind) than Orange County, I just didn’t know how much.