I was a little late to hop on the Flickr wagon but after posting one image shy of one-hundred and eighty photos I think I’ve made up for the lost time. There is still much to learn and maybe someday I’ll catch up to the likes of power user Mr. Gray but for now there are photos from Alaska to California, New York to Vancouver, and placed in-between. I hope you like them as much as I do.

And in another effort to catch up the the technology the XML/RSS feeds are now available through Feedburner (links to which can be found in the lower left column). Until now this method of distribution was managed by Movable Type and, for what ever reason, it’s never been one-hundred percent compatible for everyone. Let’s see how this works and tell me if you’re still having problems.

Meanwhile I’m doing my best to keep dry during a whirlwind homecoming in the Last Frontier. Whichever Alaskan bureaucrat forgot to pay the snow bill, my wife would like to have a moment of your time.