You may have noticed there is a problem with the comments. A few days ago, on a triple dog dare from Jason Santa Maria, I upgraded to Movable Type 3. It was effortless and the whole process was mostly uneventful — except for the comments.

For whatever reason comments now require that I approve them manually. It’s a big pain the the butt and I’m not sure where this feature would be useful as approving comments means I have to open each one up and click save. While I like the feeling of being able to lock down comments against the asshats who try to post here from time to time, it’s not practical for someone who is not in front of their website all the time.

There is a way to deselect this feature, and I have done so about ten times. Still nothing changes and I am left to checking in every so often to see if there are pending responses. I’m not sure if this is a flaw in MT 3.1 or perhaps there is a configuration file needing adjustment that I am not aware of.

ANOTHER UPDATE — Comments are working but you will receive a CGI Error after posting. I assume this has to do with another plugin not compatible with MT3.

FIXED — Apparently MT3 likes to run processes in the background. That’s my laymen interpretation of what was described to me. The problems experienced was a result of my server not able to run these tasks in way MT3 would like. Placing the line ‘LaunchBackgroundTasks 0’ in the mt.cfg file forces the application to process things in the foreground. Thanks to the Six Apart crew for all their help.And speaking of said asshats. I grow increasingly tired of persons who post messages with false names, email addresses, and web sites. To you I say what’s the point? Are you really that insecure or scared to speak for yourself? Crapcaps like you need not bother commenting here.

Meanwhile, did anyone else notice that the Queen of Ketchup was wearing a ketchup red dress to deliver her speech? Was this subliminal advertising or just 57 points of light? Don’t be surprised if Kerry roles up to the stage riding the Oscar Myer Wiener Mobile.