I’m not happy to read that Keith got called out for “questioning Obama’s polices” and “suggesting that McCain loved his country” from someone who, apparently, “would have moved to Canada if McCain won.”

Keith, I didn’t know that you hung out with Sean Pean. Huh.

Ardent Obama supporters need to learn quickly that if there is to be “hope” and “change” it’s going to have to come from their actions just as much as it does from the president elect. And that starts with being open to listen to others who may not think a like. The “for me or against me” mentality stinks just as much coming from left leaning persons as it does from those who are bent to the right.

Alec Baldwin—I know, I know, bear with me here—had a very good point on this matter:

The greatest thing we can do now, those of us who support Obama, is hold him to the same standards to which we held Bush. Let’s face it. We’ve worked Bush over pretty badly these past few years. It is time for us to face that reality from conservatives, especially with the Triple Crown in place.

Obama is likely to turn out to be a better President than Bush (with Shrub’s approval ratings of late who couldn’t, but it’s a tad too early to say that with absolute certainty) but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to call into question his administration’s policies. Especially the important ones.