Going solo means having freedom to explore a lot of options. After months of careful negotiations, trips to the Vatican, badge tweaking, and a foiled bank robbery in South Dakota, I’m here to tell you that I’ve thrown in with the crew at 9rules.

Airbag is now a member of the 9rules Network.

I’ve been watching and pestering these guys for a while now, I like their work and what they do. That I know of they are one of the few groups (companies) who figured out the business side of blogs very quickly and already have measured success.

Now Airbag is no spring chicken, it’s been around for a long time, but you can never learn enough and these guys are at the top of their niche.

My entry into this foray is an experiment to see what the power of a network can do for a website like this. In return, it’s my hope that Airbag will help promote some of the hardest working guys (well Mike anyway, I’m not so sure about Scrivs) in the blog business.

More on blogs and business later.