It’s easy to classify yesterdays decision as us vs. them or Christians vs. Non-Christians but for me it’s not about that at all.

The America I believe in has traditions and institutions that shouldn’t be altered so easily, or at least without a far amount of public discussion and debate. The America I believe in is simply not labeled unconstitutional with the ease that was done yesterday.

I hold the Pledge of Allegiance in the same regard as the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, our National Anthem and the Flag. These are institutions and symbols that represent the United States of America, our democracy and our rights. It’s simply poor form and ultimately dishonorable to suggest that these things can be altered by a Circuit Court of Appeal.

If you’re going to add a star to our Flag or change the rhythm of the Star Spangle Banner, I want everyone in on the decision. I want public debate, cat fights, demonstrations, and lastly a national vote.

Otherwise we end up in a mess just like the one we’re in now. The Pledge has now been turned into both a political and religious issue that everyones going to try use to gain exposure and public favor. Instead of the Pledge of Allegiance being an oath of honor towards the founding principals of this nation it’s now a you vs. me topic. Absurd.

I don’t like Jerry Springer or his awful, degrading, dumbing down of America ‘talk’ show. With yesterday’s decision I feel like we were all just forced to be the featured guest.

That’s not the America I believe in.