Now Boarding.

Starting tomorrow Airbag will be DATELINE Austin, Texas as I’ll be on the road to SXSW. Yee-haw!

I’m packing, printing Yahoo! maps, choosing CDs, selecting a good book, printing Starbucks maps, and confirming hotel reservations. I only wish I had a new pair of flip-flops to wear — nothing like walking in the comfort of a new set of Reefs.

From what I understand, SXSW is best place to learn from the best. Not like Internet World, a mere showcase of mummified corporate CEO’s babbling about the future convergence of cell phone, PDA, Pop-Tarts, and ATM card. No, this gathering in Austin has heart with the intelligence gained from real world experience.

Stopping life and traveling to Austin is not always easy and so I’ll be sharing my experiences and notes from this conference to anyone willing to read through them. Seems that a guy named PB liked my idea for a notes exchange for the conference panels and sessions; there are just too many for one person to attend, yet each one worth the price of admission.

On Sunday, take a trip over to the SXSWBlog Notes Exchange and glean what you may. I think it’s going to be a great resource for anyone interested in building a better web.