Recently I visited three states in three days. I traveled mostly by plane and during these flights I was asked on three separate occasions where I was from. When I replied Southern California I was pushed to provide more detail. Apparently everyone wants to get a city name because they just might know the exact location despite never really spending much time there. Must be an East coast geo-ninja skill that we don’t have out in the West or maybe it’s that we, who live in the West, don’t really care much about anything past Vegas because we know that we live on the best side of the States.

“Orange County,” I would reply.

“Oh, where the choppers are made!” I’ll swear to Congress that’s what they said each time. Three-different-people, on three-different-occasions.

“No,” I shot back which produced a very puzzled look on their face.

“But they’re in Orange County…” they stated, looking as if they were starting to piece facts together for their cross examination. Before they could finish laying out a chain of logic, I would cut-in and tell them that Orange County Choppers operates in upstate New York, not lower California.

This confused each inquisitors even more while they silently mouthed the words “orange” and “county.”

“That I know of,” I continued while they seemingly rang their index finger in the air, across an invisible globe, “there are three Orange Counties in the United States. One is in California, another in New York, and the third is located in Florida.”

“Oh…” and the conversation would end after they added something about not knowing our country had so many Orange Counties and that they always assumed it was in southern California. To end the vocal water boarding I finished with a short monologue on the fact that in more than a handful of episodes of American Chopper, snow makes a big, big appearance. And that for that kind of weather to happen in Southern California is likely a meteorological impossibility in (Although earlier this decade we had a freak rain storm that produced a lot of hail in Santa Ana. The quantity and ferocity allowed for the frozen precipitation to collect on the ground and if you looked at it from the SkyChopper 5 Live-Feed, it looked like snow. This was enough for the inner-city youth to lie on the ground in front a local 7-11 to make what the reporter lady called “snow angels”. I called it “sadness”).

Anyway, lets repeat the lesson learned here. The popular dysfunctional family that makes hot rod motor bikes on television does so from their facilities located somewhere between Yonkers and Buffalo, not between San Diego and where OJ killed those people.

Please pass this information along to your friends, family, co-workers, and maybe that awkward guy on the train. Last thing we need during these times of crisis is for our fellow citizens to be confused about where the best choppers on the planet are born.