Yesterday my office was moved on campus and into the main office building. We used to operate in the front office space of a warehouse located four miles down the road.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It was pretty cool to work there, mostly because we didn’t have to adhere to the dress code policies and it was very easy to skip out, go to Starbucks, and get back before anyone ever noticed you were gone. If at all.

After 2.5 years of working right next to Angels Stadium, where all the police agencies practice their cool anti-riot maneuvers, we are now located in two rooms sharing a common area with HR.

My friend and colleague isn’t enjoying this at all.

Not one tiny bit.

A few years back I worked in lab setting. We had a representative from every walk of life that should have never, ever been contained in one room. How we ever got any work done I’ll never know, but boy-howdy there were a lot of great exchanges with lots of temper, served a tablespoon of profanity.

I have somehow managed to miss the dreaded life in cube farms but I’m sure there are some great stories of people being dislocated from the perfect spot and into blunt hell.

If you have a related story, myth, testimony, or legend then please share it, and don’t leave anything out! I want to help ease my friends suffering and pain as much as I can.