News of GigaOm’s demise hits hard this evening.

In the search for words in response of my own, I came across Wren’s, and she puts it so well, “The web I fell in love with is disappearing into Nothingness. No doubt we get the web that we deserve. Now get off my damn lawn.” It’s true. Slowly but surely it feels like everything we built from 2000-2010 is fading fast or already gone forever.

Back in 2005, the boys at 9rules were on fire, creating some of the hottest properties on the Internet at the time. They were one of the first groups to recognize the blog format’s commercial potential. Amidst the group, Mike Rundle, helped to elevate the experience of a blog through his design. Mike’s work attracted a lot of attention because of the influence 9rules had on content site design at the time.

Mike’s work on the redesign of GigaOm had an impact on all digital design in the day. The site became a destination for what was considered “great design” and was referenced often by Airbag clients back then. PaidContent, in particular, wanted/needed an experience that was on par with Rundle’s work on GigaOm, a direct competitor. It was a tough gig to follow because Mike’s minimalist work on GigaOm left little room to differentiate visually, and I was damned if I was going to deliver a carbon copy of someone else’s work. Especially that of a good friend.

I was never a big GigaOm reader, but it was always a cornerstone of the Internet that I knew and love. And now, like a handful of other pieces from another era, it is gone. I’m all for the “new” taking over the “old,” but, tonight this news…well, this just sucks.

Thank you Om, Mike, Mathew, and the rest of the 9rules crew for your work. You all helped make my Internet better, more interesting place.