Sadam is the new mascot for the Bush/Chenney 2004 re-election campaign.

With their new mascot securely in place — somewhere in a remote military base in Alaska — the campaign is very confident that Bush is looking safely at another four years as leader of freedom loving people.

Next time you see this man he’ll be clean shaven and looking his normal, desert-foxish self — Sadam will make a few ‘television appearances’ spouting something about his innocence, capital-dogs, mother-of-all-retaliation, but he’s really telling everyone what a great guy Bush is and how Americans need to vote for Dubya next November. Those translators never get it right you know.

And then he’ll snicker and make a remark about how Howard Dean will need to capture Osama single-handily, live on FOX NEWS, if he wants to come close to touching Bush next fall. With the rapidly expanding economy (rates unseen in twenty years), increase in manufacturing (rates unseen in twenty years), and the DOW now resting at ten-thousand and all, Howard may need to do it without a shirt – James T. Kirk style.