Tired of listening to the news on TV? Exhausted from reading blogs against/for war with Iraq? Had enough with the Russian mafia and high gas prices?

Good, then &#151 one, two, three, four, I declare computer war!

If you haven’t already, go check out X vs. XP a nicely done independent website that compares both popular operating systems in every detail. You can guess who ‘wins’.

And reports are already coming in on the next version of OS X. The news is good?

“Many have been curious about OS X 10.3, which is due out in September. Yes, it will be designed to pave the way for 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970 processors, will include a major new iChat release, will increase performance in several different ways, will include the final release of Safari, and will indeed carry with it a $129 price tag as a full yearly Apple OS X release.”

It looks like this is truly the end of the multi-year operating system purchase. Now we can expect to pay an annual fee of $130 to get the latest batch of fixes. I think maybe it’s time to go European and dig out the Amiga.