Panthère Rose

His name is Cyril aka Rimshot. He’s a drummer, designer, and biology student in the south of France. And he’s also about to step on Pixar but that’s their problem.

In our negotiations I tried to give him unlimited use of my designs and the state of Ohio in return for the title of Count and ownership of a small village near the Mediterranean.

We settled on changed images and the exchanging IM names — in fact I’m chatting with him now. I brought Didier into the discussion because my French doesn’t work — lots of characters going across the screen right now and I have no freak’n idea what they are saying.

Pretty cool.

So through the use a little international diplomacy America and France are on better terms. He’s a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock-n-roll.

As much as the web can be used for ripping, it can also be used for forging trans-global instant message conversations about design, sleeping habits, and jokes about PC users.