Patrick Henry.

With all of Will Ferrells recent Anchorman publicity stunts it’s possible you may have missed the following news, or what Newsweek calls an “exclusive“.

American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call “alarming” intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack.

…while a primary election in New York on September 11, 2001, was quickly suspended by that state’s Board of Elections after the attacks that morning, the federal government has no agency that has the statutory authority to cancel and reschedule a federal election.

I can see where the case could be made for giving Bush this power but I have a hard time trusting the government right now. Especially when I know, that they know their buddy in Spain got the big boot after the horrible train bombing. There’s no question about it, terrorism did play a role in the result of that election.

A successful terrorist attack on American soil would be the biggest sign of failure of the current administration and it’s rhetoric, strategy, and tactics of the last three years. In short, a terrorist attack would be the ultimate litmus test of this administration — not that I am suggesting it would be a welcome one. Now that Karl Rove and company have seen what a small (when compared to 9/11) attack can do to a federal election, it’s hard for me to believe they really have the protection and sanctity of democracy on the brain vs. basic survival instincts kickin’ in.

I don’t think it’s fair of the administration to compare our current condition to that of September 11, 2001. We were so unprepared for the attack in New York and in Washington that for some of us just thinking straight was difficult, let alone participating in democracy. Everything about the attack was unprecedented in the history of humankind, it’s hard to imagine any of us reacting differently.

But now that we have all weathered that storm and grown stronger I will not discount the fighting will of the American citizen. To vote is the one action that we can all take to fight against terror, it is perhaps the strongest and most powerful action we can make. And to suggest that we will all cower shows that our government has little faith in our resolve and ability to stand firm.

If George Bush wants to stay for another term then he should be doing everything he can to make sure we are not attacked successfully instead of asking Congress for a backdoor.