On a whim I bought a Playstation 3. The game store I happened by had just received a small shipment and already they were down to one last unit. Without thinking I bought it knowing that it would be easy to unload just like I did with the Xbox 360 during its debut and drought. Being a capitalist I have no qualms about buying low (or at MSRP) and selling high.

There is a small part of me, the game playing part, that is staring at the box, trying to will the box’s seal to split open so that the mint-in-box value is gone thus forcing me to keep the unit and play and play and play. The World of Warcraft account was deleted, finally, so why the hell not.

Also, you should know the weather here in the O.C. hasn’t been too nice lately—cold and windy—it’s as if someone clicked on the jet stream and rotated it ninety-degrees clockwise. I hope it rights itself soon because as much as I love the Pacific Northwest their weather sucks, at least by Southern California standards.