After using iTunes 4 and Apple’s new online music store for an hour I will likely never purchase another physical CD again.

Never, ever.

Why? Well for starters the price is just too good. At $9.99 per album (or lower) why should I ever bother pushing away from my Mac to buy music?

Sampling or browsing songs with Apple Music is so fast! Clicking on a track produces a sample within (what seems like) nanoseconds and every track has a sample vs. Amazon’s new technique of sampling only the first 5 tracks.

It’s extremely easy to use. I thought for sure this was going to be a drag and drop process but that has all been replaced with Amazon’s 1Click. And once I chose to purchase a CD it only took minutes to download the 23 tracks.

Interestingly enough, during the download process (very similar in appearance to downloading songs to the iPod) my connection timed out. I canceled the download and was greeted with a message telling me to try again through an Advanced menu option. After choosing Check for Purchased Music, iTunes picked up right from where it crashed and finished the download.

Throughout the day I have had a few problems browsing the store — continually receiving ‘Error -403’ messages. Not sure what that error message means but it became a source of frustration until I visited via Safari. When I did this it seemed to help the connection in iTunes. I don’t know why this helped but it worked every time.

The whole experience is so positive and easy to use that it could become very dangerous. Purchasing an album has been reduced to opening iTunes and clicking around for a few seconds, whereas before it actually involved driving, walking, and paying tax.

Why just a few minutes ago I purchased the Violent Femmes Add It Up without leaving my desk at work.

Yes, this is very dangerous indeed.