What does twenty-four hours of Airbag look like? I want to know.

I would love to see a snapshot of Airbag around the world starting and ending somewhere around the International Date Line. If you have a minute take a photo of how you normally digest my attempts molding the English language into sentences and if the response is decent I’ll whip something up for us all to take a look at.

Send said photo (no screen shots please lets get some local flavor in the view finder) to this email address—post no photos to the comments please—along with your name, town/city, country, time zone, and the time in which you preserved the moment in pictures.

Oh, and be sure to include the URL to your own website. No reason why you shouldn’t get some link love out of the deal.

UPDATE: Submissions have started to come in from Australia, United Kingdom and various time zones across the US. For example:

This lovely photo comes form Michelle Park who writes The Jam Jar and lives in GMT +10 hours.

Now, I didn’t mean to leave the impression that this was started and finished in a day. I’m more interested in seeing how many much of the GMT we can fill.