When I came across Textism for the first time I spent an hour staring at the design and, more importantly, consuming the archives. This style of writing was new to me and I loved it. The range of emotion conveyed through the eclectic array of stories, played out through a small cast of voices…this is what I had been waiting for. I now had proof that writing wasn’t an activity set aside exclusively for journalist, poets, or authors and their distinct vehicles of content delivery. Instead, writing, as an amalgam of those three factions of English, made for very interesting and enjoyable reading.

And so, after one hour and one minute, a wall had been breached: If ever I was to to enjoy and savor the process and outcome of writing then I needed to do it for myself, not for family, not for friends, and not worry about bending the rules. Just as it took a 1999 Edna Valley Pinot Noir for me to finally appreciate wine, it took an hour at Textism (I’m a slow reader) for me to be comfortable with a writing style that seemed natural to me.

And then it went away for four years. Yeah, that sucked.

It doesn’t matter why, that’s Dean’s business and none of ours (see explanation), you and I should just thank our lucky stars that he back. And, if the last week-or-so is any indication, there is a neon sign outside the Allen Content Concern LTD. now reads: Open And Kicking.

If writing is a skill that you seek to improve then you would do well to follow the Dean, no mater the topic or time of day.