Pink Panther.

When I came up with the design for Airbag I had a feeling that eventually some asshat would steal some portion of the design, or just take the whole damn thing. That seems to be the nature of man and the promise of web design. It’s probably already happened a few times from some lo-life whose work barely scrapes an existence on Blogspot or some back alley zine.

Back in March when I released the now popular desktop images, I felt it was a way of daring mouth breathers around the world to steal my work. And that’s why I slapped a copyright statement and web address on each image.

Not that I thought it would really prevent theft but it’s something artists do to help them feel better about releasing designs to the public.

It’s been three months and sixteen days since Charles Stewart made the now infamous statement

What’s the need to copyright it? (Your airship is well known – I don’t think that’ll be of concern. Plus it’s easy to crop out anyways. I respect your copyrights; you don’t have to wave them in my face all day.)

Well Charles take a looky here for another reminder of as to why I stamp my work, my own.

It could be worse, this is just a tiny infraction, but that this person is French makes it worse and somehow also appropriate.

So to you dear “Rimshot” I say, tu es un asshat, un whopper dirigé vide de cuvette de nourriture animale! Je fart dans votre direction générale! Ta mère est un hamster et tes odeurs de père des eldeberries.