In my last post I said “weblogs are starting to get a little old.”

Let me clarify.

Weblogs are not old, they’re just getting started but personally I’m feeling the need to get away from the confines of the blog structure and take this site beyond a title, main body, and comments link.

A few days ago I was reminded that the web can be anything, it’s all a matter of what you want to do with it. This ‘smack forehand against forehead’ moment came to me as I clicked around Jeff Bridges’ personal website.

Unlike your average actors website, Jeff uses his space to display the product of his many talents including photography, sculpture, and music. On the site there are entries pertaining to updates in the actor’s life and a few notes in reaction to current events. His circum vitae is a simple list with Amazon Associate links to purchase movies or soundtracks. And of course where would a website be without a collection of links to elsewhere.

Without looking at this site, it sounds very similar to your average, straight out of the box weblog, but take a look and you’ll see something different.

Now argue all you want about the lack of web standards or the lack of proper site navigation. Go ahead and make a smart remark about the use of image-based text that can’t be searched by Google. Feel free to mutter something about first generation design.

I see an incredible website in which every page feels like it’s own secret garden — a space that needs to be discovered, not scanned or searched. While the content is similar in form to that of a million other personal sites, Jeff has created a space that looks, refreshingly, nothing of the sort.

The Fisher King has ignored all the modern conventions of personal site/blog design and successfully created a space that is as simple and elegant as anything created by fully validated style sheets or Flash.

As I understand it, a great aunt of mine, on the Storey side of the family, would have said ‘shitfire’ about now.

It’s time to shake things up and get a lot more creative. Time to take a sabbatical from the norm wherever possible.