Plan B.

The Washington Post reports that Secretary of State Powell is accusing Sadam of dividing the UN Security Counsel.

I hate to break the news to Secretary Powell, but buddy, the security counsel is broken, it’s a house divided. Though I doubt Sadam had much to do with it personally (I think his French and German oil contracts had a hand in it though) I am confused as to why Powell would try to point blame in the wrong direction.

It is me or is the administration acting like the rug has been yanked repeatedly from underneath them? And they don’t know how to get back up?

Whereas the Democrats are taking a nap, dreaming of a sabbatical to India where they can find themselves and a party message, the Republicans continue to act as if we are still living in the Cold War.


When the world was black or white (Commie vs. Yankee) it was easy for countries like France and Germany to form a club with America and United Kingdom despite the differences in opinion and long history of conflicts. Back then you where either a part of NATO, the Warsaw Pact, or your name was Switzerland.

Without the evident threat of a global scale conflict and need for American/Soviet detente, it’s now possible for countries to start taking a different tact with diplomacy.

I like Powell but for a guy who managed to convince the President to try a diplomatic path, it doesn’t seem like he and his staff were prepared to loose.