A comment from yesterday’s entry yielded an often heard sigh of frustration regarding the importance of the single vote. The popular idea that one vote doesn’t matter.

It is true that one vote against many will end in defeat but I believe there are a lot of single votes (millions of them) that simply use this as an excuse for not casting their ballot. The result makes our democracy even worse.

We can not focus on the problems with the applications used for voting as a reason for not participating. No matter what technology or new ideas are implemented to make voting easier, our election process will always have flaws. Thus many single votes will be lost, not counted, or even worse cast for the wrong candidate or measure.

Each and every American should vote because It is their one chance to step forward every two years and make their voice heard. And when that happens the single vote becomes part of a loud roar as more and more individual voices join in the chorus.

In many cases we, the independent voter, are unable to sway the outcome of an election. The sheep and the lemmings (or unions and party members) of this country will always have the upper hand in large elections. It’s a matter of numbers and averages.

Instead, you and I are voting against special interest, big money, corporate lobbies, and back room deals that corrupt our beloved country. We vote to hold a middle finger high and mighty to those pirates of our freedoms and the thieves of our democracy. We need to let them know that the single vote will not go away no matter how bleak they want us to believe our political process has become. Remember that apathy is what they count on, it’s what they pray for.

So while a single vote may not ‘matter’ in the outcome of an election, it makes the powers that be cringe and stay awake at night.

That’s something I will vote for every time.