So this is it. This is my last day working with a fantastic group of people, my last day working for a televangelist with the longest running non-news program in the history of television. Today is my last day working at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.

It’s been five long and good years but it’s time to move on.

Starting tomorrow I will become Senior Designer and Practice Manager at Polychrome Los Angeles headquartered in old town Pasadena. The studio is owned and directed by Tom Dolan, whom you may recognize as a regular here at Airbag. Tom and I go back more than a year now, I think we started talking around the time I did the Special Election skin for the AIGA Los Angeles website. After a year of conversations about design, movies, politics and the web I was offered the position.

I’ve had a permagrin ever since.

For me this is a long standing dream come true. When I left Alaska in 1999 I really wanted to go to work for a design studio. I had a few interviews and job offers but nothing seemed to work out for one reason or another. When the job at the Cathedral was offered I accepted knowing two things: I would be living in ten miles from Disneyland and I would not have to suffer another long dark Alaskan winter.

The last five years at the Cathedral have been good to me and in hindsight I wouldn’t have changed a thing. But my work is done here, many milestones reached, many goals surpassed. While I am looking forward to the new job and new friends I will miss my colleagues and friends at the ministry. This is the first place where I will truly miss my coworkers, peers, and mentors at this institution. All of them really, really great people.

So tomorrow morning I will board the northbound train and head into Union Station in downtown LA, walk down the paddock and take the Gold Line to downtown Pasadena where a new future awaits.