The pain surging through my knees is more than I can bare. I’m almost to the point of using a walker.

Of course this is all the fault of Shaw Flooring, the company that not only manufactures the sadistic product known as laminate flooring but they are also behind the ‘easy install it yourself’ how-to video.

You know, the video where the beautiful people get in front of the video camera with the very nicely pressed khaki pants and denim (or polo)shirt, and show you how easy it is to do things like install wood flooring, rebuild an engine, or establish peace in the Middle East.

At no time do these people show signs of stress, fatigue and in no way do they ever perspire.

It’s so easy and effort free!

I have to admit that I swallowed this fabrication of the truth hard. I wanted to much to believe that removing one floor only to replace it with another could be done easily within an eight hour day, all without so much as wrinkle anywhere on my clothes.

It had to be true because the people in the IKEA video did the very same thing. Hell, they were dancing and having dinner on their new floor only hours after they started!

My knees both submitted requests for a six week vacation today and I would love to give them the time off but this weekend we’re supposed to start another giant festival of pain and suffering in the place called the Master Bedroom.