Yesterday must have been pretty slow for some folks, or maybe the thought of Adobe buying Macromedia was so intense, so alarming, that it shattered their world.

I don’t know what the really big deal is. I can understand if you own a truckload of Macromedia stock, but to go on and on with speculation as to what this will mean for the future of digital publishing and…Yegods! What will happen with Cold Fusion? OMG!!! Flash? Freehand? GoLive? SVG? The roof is on fire! Ahhhh!!!?!!!?

It’s like a Danny Elfman song being repeated a thousand times over.

Seriously, unless you’ve invested a large sum of money in Macromedia; unless you area vendor or contractor who’s currently working with Macromedia and is still waiting for a Net 30 payment (good luck sucker); unless you are the President of the Cold Fusion Code Warrior Fan Club…who cares?

Adobe isn’t likely to take everything, throw it into a Microsoft blender, and try to pass off Jello pudding as a triple dark chocolate truffle soufflé.

I say take a chill pill.

Hmmm, you know, I don’t think I’ve ever written the words ‘chill’ and ‘pill’ together like that. It looks kinda funny.

Back to the topic of PagemakerMX 2010, I would much rather see designers and developers discuss how to improve the user interface at the Vatican. I mean come on, they are still using colored coded smoke signals to communicate to the outside world!

Smoke signals for Pete’s sake!

Then again maybe there is something to be learned in all of this. They are, after-all, one of the largest, most successful global corporations in the history of mankind. Maybe if Adobe turned Flash MX 2004 into something more useful, like a smoke signal generator, life would take a turn for the better and we could all pretend to vote for a Pope.