This following discussion, “Medium vs. The Self-Hosted Blog,” occurred June 29 between 10:18-10:28 AM in the “ATX Built” Slack. Some dialogue was edited to protect the innocent from bad grammar.

Professor Plum: Has Medium killed the self-hosted blog? Does publishing on Medium make writers appear more “legit” (especially if you’re not web-famous like Adactio or Daring Fireball)? Is there any advantage to hosting your blog on a personal site?

Professor Plum: What if you’re an agency/business? Does anyone worry that their content (or at least URLs) might be gone if Medium calls it quits one day? I like owning my content, but it’s hard to beat the Medium platform for writing and publishing.

Mrs. Peacock: I think it’s a great place for posting essays and thoughts. Just post to your blog first and cross-post to Medium. Too bad Mrs. White isn’t on here, her Medium post has 7000 views today!

Mrs. Scarlett: Just invited Mrs. White, tell her to check her email.

Professor Plum: I was thinking about that approach as well. I do like the idea of having posts on my site so that places that I’m interested in working at can see my work and writing in the same place.

Mrs. Peacock: I also think it’s great for non-web famous people. Your posts look exactly the same as everyone else’s. If you write something worthwhile, people will respond.

Col. Mustard: Medium is awesome for discovery. And you can still “own” your content.

Miss Scarlett: Professor, I am totally a fan of cross-posting b/n your blog and medium. Medium gives you exposure outside your circle, but I like the idea of still “owning” my writing, so to speak, and keeping it on my blog.

Col. Mustard: Lots of people publish both places similar to Linkedin.

Mrs. White: Hello.

Mr. Green: I’ll often post on my site, and then post to Medium. Then link to the Medium post with a “Recommend this article on Medium” type blurb somewhere on my site’s version.

Professor Plum: So I guess the answer is just do both.

Miss Scarlett: Also, from the perspective of someone Googling you, if they go to my site, I want them to stay there and view my writing without making them leave to Medium.

Mr. Green: But Medium has offered me far more reach every single time than my site ever has.

Professor Plum: Nice. They do a good job with the daily read emails.

Mr. Green: Yeah, they do. One of the only of its kind that I actually insist on looking through daily without archiving right away, lol

Mrs. White: I would definitely go for Medium. I am an indie web booster, and all, of course— post it on your own site too— but the readers are on Medium. There are lots of them, and If you get a boost by getting recommended by someone, it can be huge.

Col. Mustard: /gliphy huge