In the last few years, when the subject of presidential candidates came up, I made it clear that I thought our best hope was a contest of centrists, a fight between McCain and Obama. And while I’m happy that that outcome has become an unofficial reality, I’m having second and third thoughts about John’s ability to provide a fresh perspective to the Republican party and ultimately the country.

I think Gedeon explains it best in the opening notes for his well crafted One Hundred Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States.

For years I greatly admired Senator John McCain. He had a reputation for being a political maverick and seemed to vote with his conscience instead of with his party. When it came down to choosing between what was right and what the GOP wanted, John McCain more-often-than-not chose what was right.

Then he set his sights on the White House.”

It’s hard to see the image of McCain the Maverick start to unravel. And after reading through Ged’s list it’s increasingly difficult to consider punching a chad next to REP come this November.

Look, dammit, this sucks! I wanted a good, title grade fight. I wanted to see this election go all fifteen rounds but it doesn’t look that we’re going to get that kind of match and I don’t believe we’re all the better for it.

I suppose there’s still time to hope. Maybe someone will craft a similar list for Obama while he tailspins away from his 5000 FT. gleaming image but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.