Quick Brown Fox.

After reading Andrei’s last two posts on Design by Fire, something just struck me as being odd.

The bulk of content found on most personal sites, including Airbag, is written. I’ve shown a few pictures here and there and sooner than latter photos will be brought back, but on this website (as others) it’s mostly English being served in written form.

Of the fifty personal sites (blogs) I have bookmarked, eight are hybrid (copy and photos), and one is all photos with only a bit of text for captions.

On these sites there are many, many articles about writing better code but I have yet to come across any posts for writing English mo’-betta.

It struck me as odd that more discussion and writing is on the framework, rather than the content it holds in place.

Then again it’s Monday morning, so I suppose just about anything will appear odd. Like the 7 ounce orange juice that is waving at me, yelling something about getting a daily dose of vitamin C while tap dancing across my desk.

Monday mornings suck.