Of all the reactions to the headbutt seen around the world this one is my favorite, it’s from French President Jacques Chirac (who was in attendance at today’s World Cup Final).

I don’t know what happened, why [Zinedine Zidane] was punished…

Just so you know, Jacque, it’s against the rules to walk up to another player and hit them square in the chest with your forehead with such force that it knocks them off their feet.

I’m anxious to hear the back story on the attack and why such a great player would end his fabulous career with such disrespect.

Now that Zidane is rid of the beautiful game I think he and Mike Tyson should form their own twelve-step program — muslim conversion optional.

Addendum — The BBC has said it best:

It was not meant to end like this for one of the game’s legendary figures – sent from the world’s biggest stage in shame and into retirement.