I am eagerly waiting the results from yesterdays big game between Budweiser and Pepsi. I heard some initial reports on NPR last Friday but radio has a hard time describing what’s on TV. Still I look forward to seeing the commercials.

Instead of planting myself in front of the television for ten hours, the wife and I made way for Disneyland. I had been told by several ‘cast members’ that the slowest day of the year was in January during the big game.

I don’t know what they meant by ‘slow’ because half of Southern California was there with all their kids and strollers (Stupid strollers, I hate them so much!). Apparently neither the Raiders or the Buccaneers are special enough to warrant Neilson Ratings in the Los Angeles market, not that Disney minds, they own ABC.

Returning home, I was really surprised to discover that we didn’t attack Iraq. I thought for sure the military would launch a 400 Cruise Missile Salute as part of their Halftime Show routine. Or at least another drone missile attack on a fleeing vehicle somewhere in Yemen.

Hey, don’t knock it, even breaking news with Dan Rather would have made better television than just another Britney Spears-NSYNC-JLo-U2 halftime singspiration and salute to nacho chips.