Ready to Serve.

In 1995, I logged on to AlaskaMac, the premiere BBS for Mac users in the 49th state as I would normally do on a lazy afternoon. I checked through my favorite forums and read an announcement, in the Gaming forum, from another user who had just uploaded a demo for a game called Warcraft II. It was the largest demo I had ever seen posted to the system, a whopping 28 megs.

On my 28.8 modem, it would take several hours to download the entire file so I connected to the board via TCP/IP so as not to take up one of the two dial-up lines to the system.

Up to this date I had not played a computer game since the Amiga 500. Once I switched to Mac, gaming was pretty much over because back in those days games for Apple computers sucked.

So I figured that a game demo that was so large had to be good. The original version of Warcraft had passed by me without notice, so I was totally unprepared for what I was about to unstuff and install.

I was hooked immediately, and as soon as the game was available in our local CompUSA, I was at the register and out the door before the clerk could give me the receipt.

Many of hours were spent killing Ogre’s and advancing to the next rounds. It was great fun but I wanted to try this ‘multi-pla-yer’ option that I didn’t have any experience with. Soon I found a willing opponent named Hans, who lived across town.

I would give him a call around 8 PM and we would arrange for who would setup the game. We ran through a small check list of options we wanted for the game and then hung up and entered the world of Warcraft – a hard world that’s not for the weak hearted or slow clicking.

About every other night we would perform this ritual. Sometimes playing just one quick game before bedtime, while other nights went well into pre-dawn light. No matter how many times Hans beat me (I won a few times) it was always a lot of fun and hard to turn down an offer for just one more game.

Tonight, at midnight, Blizzard launches Warcraft III, with their largest gaming premiere ever and Fry’s is opening at midnight to start selling copies.

A few nights ago I spoke with a Blizzard employee who was promoting a signing party at the Irvine Spectrum EB Store. During the conversation she mentioned that sales for WC III are expected to exceed 1.25 million units.

In two hours I will be helping them towards that goal with my $54.99 contribution.

Do you have a Warcraft momment?