From: Printing of China

To: Greg Storey


We are very glad to know you from Internet,

We are an advertisement making factory in Shenzhen of China,

We hope to detail our services to you, and look forward to mutual cooperation between us.

Thanks and best wishes,

Mr. Leo

AD Factory of Shenzhen


Tel: +86-0755-2622 0610

Fax: +86-0755-8240 9179

Mobile: 136-9198-4046

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To: Printing of China

From: Greg Storey


I’m sorry but I do not know you from Internet, or from Adam for that matter, but I am pleased to meet you.

An advertising factory, you don’t say. Boy-howdy!

Does J. Walter Thompson know about you? I bet they would love to know that China has turned the advertising business into a conveyer belt operation with red robots, cheap labor, and scores of Communist propaganda creative experience.

Golly, with that kind of firepower I guess the world will soon lay at your feet. And with that in mind I can assure you that I also look forward to mutual cooperation between us.

If I may humbly ask, Mr. Leo, lordship sir, when you take over the United States through your advertising factories and armies of Walmart employees and goods, can I have Texas?

I should think we can rename it Internet and finally know each other from there.



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