In related news…

Jon Wiggens is back! After a sabbatical from web publishing, the British Columbian, who used to live in Germany, is back in his own country and back to writing. Hopefully he’ll add some more of his awesome photos soon.

Speaking of Canadians, Attaboy redesigned a while back but I forgot to mention it. Sorry Luke, my bad. While you’re there check out his photography.

Doesn’t feel like Christmas? Go download one of Dawn’s new desktop images and be instantly transported into the Holiday spirit. I really dig the 1964 Santa from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Found: While looking around for domain names I happened upon which opens to a web based printer administration application. Why would anyone be so stupid? Anyway, tinker around and try to print to it from where you are in the world. Post results here.

And, if you are a Klipfolio user then behold! I give you the Klip for Airbag!