Right Click.

I’m looking for a great solution to displaying online galleries. The kind that prevents people from stealing photos which has already happened on several occasions.

And those that I was able to catch were the mouth breathers of the bunch — the type that is most likely to be on this weeks episode of COPS, dripping drunk and wearing only a slightly dirty pair of underwear.

I know there are other, wiser thieves, who know how to use the ‘Save Image’ function which was so conveniently included in the modern browser. They are mythical in legend and I will not bow to their image stealing might.

Before you go all Creative Commons on me, let me say this: I’m not a multi-national, geopolitical, war mongering corporation with a logo that has 95% brand recognition.

You have always been welcome to use Airbag entries for non-profit use. As long as I don’t hear Jay Leno reciting a bit from these pages we’re ok. But once I see one of my photos (my babies!) on someone else’s website, bbs signature file, or discussion thread then I tend to turn green, split pants, and go into a ungodly rage.

Still there has to be a way to share art and protect it at the same time. I could simply turn down the resolution of the images but what good is that? Photos should pop off a screen not look like they’ve been soaked in grease.

Any ideas out there? Flash people, have you come across any great ideas? Any help is appreciated.