Ring, Ring.

— Hello?

— Hey, it’s your Right Kidney calling. How are you?

— Uh, I’m ok. Why do you ask?

— A few of us down here noticed you’ve been drinking a lot of water lately. It’s like a freaking monsoon season down here. What’s going on?

— Oh, that. I’ve been sick. Hey, who’s that talking in the background?

— That’s your Bladder. He wants you to know that he’s put in ten hours of overtime this week. And another thing, we’ve both noticed you haven’t had an iced latte in a while.

— Yeah, I’m supposed to drink water and orange juice.

— Hey you don’t have to tell me pal, the Left Kidney thinks she’s on vacation in Florida with all the OJ you’ve been drinking. She’s a little loopy anyway. If you ever have to donate a kidney, don’t hesitate with that one.

— Do you guys ever talk to the Lungs?

— Not really, they think they’re so cool being next to the Heart and all. Why, are they giving you trouble?

— Trouble? Pffft. More like hell.

— Asshats! Hey listen I just got word that another 12 oz. of water is coming down the pike, I gotta get back to work. You take care okay? And do us all a favor and crawl your way to Starbucks as soon as you can. We’re all going through withdrawal down here.

— Will do. Later.