Today I will take full advantage of my independent publishing system to grease a wheel of industry and greed.

As a matter of record you should note, dear reader, that this entry comes at the request of many both on and offline, from Alaska to Austin — here and beyond.

These requests have been made in honor of my birthday which is scheduled to occur on April 15, 2003. Please note that gifts given to those of us born on this special day are, in fact, 100% tax deductible as detailed in the U.S. Tax Code.

It’s there if you look hard enough.

Well sorta.

Ok, in fact if you live in the U.S. Virgin Islands, isn’t everything behind some loop-hole tax shelter?

Anyway, my apologies to the frequent readers. This entry is entirely about my receiving of gifts and material wealth from friends and family.

To you I ask only one thing; Am I missing anything in the wishlist?