Rotten Duex.

While 99% of the blogeratti has just tattooed Powerbook Lust across their chest there are a few who are not so easily swayed by Apple lust and religious fervor. Here are two of my favorites (be sure to click the links to continue reading).

Thomas nails it, bull’s-eye, flawless victory: “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. Welcome everybody, to the San Francisco Macworld 2003 Keynote. Boy, do we have some cool stuff to show you todaaaay…”

But first, let me just repeat everything I said last year. There’s super-cool iTools, and, there’s the Switch ads, and, all the other stuff I told you about last year, too.”

Jon’s puzzled by the overwhelming blind reaction: “I’m all for new Apple products and the excitement that surrounds them around every Macworld event. However, I’m finding all the hype getting a little stale. I’ve talked to people that are already touting Safari to be the best browser they’ve ever used. Give me a break.”

I’ll add that Apple produces some really nice work, but I grow very more tired of Jobs and 1 Infinity Loop. It used to be that owning a Macintosh was something unique but now it seems the Church of 1 Infinite Loop keeps doubling it’s congregation each year.

Who let these people in anyway? I mean is it just me or did Apple fever start growing worse since the iMac/iBook was introduced?