Apple is at it again, finding new ways to dink Mac OS X owners into paying more for their software.

“… Apple is expected to announce at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco Tuesday that consumers will have to pay for new versions of iDVD, iPhoto and iMovie, which will be sold together as a bundle. Previously, Apple had offered upgrades to its digital media, or “i” applications, for free. The move to charge up to $50 for the software trio is potentially the first step in charging for all six “i” applications, which would continue to be bundled for free with new Macs, sources said.” — CNET NEWS

Now I realize that the “i” apps are value add but what else is on the block for potential revenue streams? Should this rumor come to pass, I think Apple would be second only to US healthcare in the “screw the customer in the number of details a person now has to pay for to get a complete package” category.

Perhaps it’s time to check out Red Hat 8.0.