Round Trip.


  1. The front of the train is bumpy, loud, and mostly uncomfortable whereas the back is nice and quiet, swaying gently from side to side like an old 70’s Buick. I don’t know why people prefer the front of the train except maybe they are too lazy to walk down the platform.

  2. The train does not live by any schedule including the one published by the line. You would be kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

  3. People who ride the train actually talk to one another. I’ve only witnessed this, not participated. (see INTROVERTSTER)

  4. Using a trackpad on a laptop sucks, especially in the back of a 1970’s Buick.

  5. More people get on and off at Fullerton than any other station along the line with exception of Union Station where everyone has to get off.

  6. Ticket machines pay out change in coin dollars. It’s like winning the lottery until you have to put all of that damn change in your pocket. Only grandfathers are supposed to carry that much change.

  7. Not only is there no beverage service on the train, you’re not supposed to drink, eat, or smoke on the train. This according to the train nazi who wears something similar to Batman’s utility belt.

  8. My forth generation iPod is sucking some major wind right now. From one track to another (same album) the volume is all over the place. Either this is a new feature or this thing needs to go back to homebase for repair.

  9. The train is nice but I think driving could be much faster. In the coming weeks I think race the train to Polychrome from the local station. For an advantage I’ll borrow an ambulance and dress up as ‘Him’.

  10. Both Metrolink and Metroline use sounds from Windows XP and Microsoft Word, the Macintosh version as chimes.

  11. They only check to see that you have paid for travel in the afternoons. In the morning its a free-for-all.

  12. Los Angeles needs way more skyscrapers, being as it is downtown LA the lack of tall architecture leaves me wanting more.