Commodore 64 : 1985-1987

My take on the “fathers Oldsmobile”. The C=64 was one of the coolest Christmas presents I have ever received. I spent many hours playing games like Temple of Apshai, Ultima II, F-15 Strike Eagle, and Airborne Ranger.

Commodore 128 : 1987-1989

Purchased with my second State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Check. I don’t think I stopped smiling for months. It was so cool looking and came with 128k of RAM! This computer helped me produce high school homework and finish Electronic Art’s: The Bard’s Tale III.

Packard Bell PC 286 : 1989-1989

Not really thinking, I bought this PC Clone from Sears but quickly took it back. EGA graphics suck.

Amiga 500 : 1989-1993

Ah, the golden years. The Amiga 500 has to be my favorite game machine of all time. Ever play Gods, Savage, or Shadow of the Beast? This was the first computer I owned to use the “so cool” 3.5 inch disks. I spent many of hours playing games, exchanging games, and going to Joey Bryant’s place to get the latest warez. He had access to the only Amiga hooked up to the universities “˜Inter-net’ which turned out to be a treasure trove for pirate sites.

Apple IIc : 1993-1993

I traded my ultimate gaming machine for an Apple IIc with my long-time friend Mitch. He wanted to start animating stuff and, well I get bored easily. I’m also a little nostalgic and thought it would be cool to have the best designed computer of all time. The Apple IIc was designed by the same person who created the Sony Walkman.

Apple Macintosh LC : 1993-1994

Apple Macintosh LC II : 1994-1995

Apple Macintosh LC III : 1995-1996

Not too many memories about this period. I got my first Macintosh from a girlfriend who bought the LC but later could not afford it. Rather than return the computer, I just bought it from her. That led to my upgrading parade through the LC line. The pizza box was one of the better Macs created. So easy to get in and out of. Always worked and never crashed.

Apple Powerbook 165 : 1995-1996

My first Powerbook! I remember salivating over the ads for the Powerbook 100 (the one with the woman sitting on a mountain ledge) wanting so much to possess one.

Apple Macintosh IIci : 1996-1996

Not happy with the black and white Powerbook display, I exchanged my laptop for a IIci. The net had started becoming popular and browsing in black and white just didn’t work. It was on this box that I also learned Photoshop 3.0.

Apple Powerbook 165 : 1996-1997

Back to the laptop because it was just too cool!

Apple Power Macintosh Performa 6116 : 1997-1998

…and back to another color Mac. The first of many Power Macintoshes to crash and crash and crash. But I did get to play Quake and that made it all the better.

UMax 500c Macintosh Clone : 1998-1998

PC— Pentium II 233MHz : 1998-1998

A year in which I became pissed at Apple and left the loyalty tent for a more stable (and faster) environment of Windows. The UMax box was cool until it kept dying. I would later learn that you could only use one brand of RAM and thus everything that passed through the RAM was coming out corrupt on the other end.

CompUSA PC— Pentium II 233MHz : 1998-2002

Bliss. At the time my generic PC took a power supply dump and without tech support I tried to fix it. I actually got it to work but once I re-soldered the connections it just wouldn’t live again. Confirming that I am not to be an electrician.

Apple Power Macintosh G3 350 Mhz Blue & White : 1999-2002

Did I say Bliss before?THIS is bliss. After using the PC exclusively for a year it was so nice to come back to MacOS. Just the way the mouse glides across the screen (and it does when compared to how Windows drives a mouse) says it all. As the LC was easy to access so is the G3 by a factor of 100. Excellent design.

Dell Inspiration 8500 : 2001-2002

A computer earned through work at an Internet start-up. The Dell was a pretty good laptop but the screen looked faded and who wants a 12 pound lap burning device? After using a Macintosh, it was hard to use the Dell for anything design related. Choppy mouse control and lack of free fonts hindered my ability to use it.

Powerbook G3 500 Mhz : 2001-2002

The second best computer I have owned so far. The Powerbook has to be one of the finest lines of computers ever built. What a joy it was to use this machine especially when combined with MacOS X and an Airport wireless connection, it’s heaven on Earth until I saw WindowsXP run in full glory.

HP zt1130: 2002-2003

When talking about computers, there’s best, better, and holy crap! That’s what I found at Microcenter one fateful Monday afternoon at the local computer store. It has a comparable feel to the Powerbook G3 but 1.5 pounds lighter and ten times faster. I especially love theDVD/CD burner combo that came with this little 1299.00 wonder. Wasn’t sure about buying aHP or even going back to Windows but I have no regrets”¦

PowerMac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors): 2003-2003

Well that didn’t take long. TheHP was a great little laptop but using Windows straight for a few months was enough to make me go loopy. By the time I picked up this desktop Macs had regained some speed. I quickly sold this machine after I couldn’t take any more of the jet engine cooling fan noise. It was so damn loud and there wasn’t any talk of a Apple replacing them for free at the time. Adios!

Powerbook (TiBook) G4 867Mhz: 2003-2004

I have to admit I was not a big fan of the new Powerbook design but after a while it grew on me and they didn’t have the jet engine noise that their desktop counterparts suffered from. It was on this machine that I redesigned Airbag in the morning hours sipping on Starbucks Doubleshots while watching 80’s re-runs on the hotel television.

Dell Dimension Something-Or-Other: 2003-current

Doing some work for friends resulted in me obtaining a Dell Demension with a blazing fast Intel Pentium IV and a muscle car for a video card. Perfect for, uh, testing websites, and, uh, putting Halflife 2 and World of Warcraft through it’s paces. Otherwise it’s just a Dell, yawn. This one is about to take early retirement and move to the farm leagues.

Powerbook G4 1.33Ghz: 2004-current

Fearing a complete plunge in the value of the old Powerbook when the newly redesigned unit came out I hopped on Ebay almost made my money back, enough to go directly to the Apple store and pick up a new one. This was the first Mac computer I purchased from an Apple Store. No biggie you say? Pffft. You wouldn’t buy a Mercedes from a Dodge dealer now would you. This Powerbook is fully covered under Applecare and ProCare (meaning I’m a card carrying member of Apple’s warranty program “” aw yeah). This is my axe.

Sony Vaio FS VGN: 2005-current

Normally I don’t care to have aPC around isn’t a problem. And then Age of Empires III, Black & White 2, and Civilization IV had to hit the shelves just about the same time I needed a Windows based machine to test web development for those days when I work on the dinning room table. If I have to work with Windows I may as well do it in style.

PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 Ghz: 2005-current

While the Powerbook is so damn good to me it just doesn’t drive the 24”³ monitor on the desk in the office. Knowing I would need a few tax write-offs I decided to grab a PowerMac. It’s so damn fast and with 2gigs of RAM helping to run the show tain’t nothing slowing this baby down.

Mac mini 1.25Ghz: 2005-current

I couldn’t buy a G5 and leave it alone with PCs (what would the neighbors say?) so I bought a little mini so it had something to play with. After the PowerMac aged a bit it outgrew the need for a pen-pal this little guy now sits in a co-location facility working as a fantastic, peppy webserver.