Due to easterly winds blowing a steady one-hundred and thirty knots my plane home, is very, very late. In fact I think it took off sometime on Thursday but due to the blowy jet stream it’s just been hovering, mostly over Arkansas, unable to make any real headway.

So, as usual, I’m a bit testy (others, including my wife would say I’m grumpy whereas my mother would call me Chief Thundercloud but since she’s not here and the Rocket Scientist is engrossed in her copy of SEED, I am left to my own devices and get to label my own state of mind — testy).

And so it is in this state that I hereby object to the Idiot’s Guidification to blogs. I must have been brushing my teeth when God came down on Earth and decreed that blogs should be nothing but a collection of how-to guides. More and more the sites in my bookmarks folder are publishing what-you-should-be-doing-to-be-like-me crap.

There is talk about the impending Web 2.0 bubble that’s tied to venture capital and companies that code their software in a certain way. But I think there will be another type of burst. It won’t be in your face apparent as are devaluations and layoffs, but you’ll find more and more unwritten animosity towards those who try to increase their pagerank by writing specifically to keywords, buzzwords and fads. Besides, there is only so much of this type of information to write about before these blogs will start eating their own or, gasp, merging!

Blogs were more interesting before sites like Lifehacker came along. Not that there is anything wrong with Lifehacker it’s a great site, but I’d rather spend more time living than learning what and how to hack living. Sure we’re talking seconds per post but dammit those things add up. There is no returning to the days of old, that much is certain, but maybe it’s possible that blogs will move on and find other things to write about other than trying to copy the how-to-hack theme/style/genre.

That said should someone write a how-to for avoiding one-hundred and thirty knot head winds for the pilots of Jet Blue I would appreciate it very much. Naturally I’d write it myself but I’m forty-two folders short of having any real substantial information other than: fly around it.