Most of you have, no doubt, seen the few links pointing to a new social network group for web standards designers and developers. Here is a little background.

Week to week I field questions regarding the industry of web design and development by people who create websites in many capacities. I’m happy to provide what I’ve learned along the way in hopes that others can learn from my mistakes and success (a silly thought if you consider that history has rarely ever prevented another war). The first recommendation is to start talking to as many people who are either industry peers or people who might know people who have money that may want to exchange for the work that you know how to do. I put it this way because most people I meet—no matter where they are in their career—hate the word commonly associated with this activity: Networking.

The only activity worse than networking is known to my people as public speaking and fortunately not many of us are called to run for public office or audition for a spot in the community theatre, or those pursuits that require speaking in front of others. Standing up there, alone, under the heat and blinding glare of stage lights, looking over a sea of people not paying attention to a word your saying, Twittering as if you weren’t risking life and limb, soul laid out in front of a hastily re-worked Keynote presentation.

No, networking is not like that.

I’d say a good deal of us are as busy as we want to be, some of us are even busier, and it’s a necessity to always be on the hunt for good talent for future collaboration, potential employment, or new fodder for La société pour l’Amélioration d’Airbag.

The purpose of the Web Standards Design + Development group is to form a strong network of individuals who have taken the initiative to become craftsmen of their trade. I hope you’ll join.