The Bible has a rule against coveting what your neighbor has. Be it his wife, slaves, a farm animal, whatever. The point is, don’t lie around wishing you had something that you did not because it will cause trouble for you and your community. Unfortunately, I can’t find any statistics that report if the crime rate declined YTD after the Ten Commandments were brought down from the mountain but I’ll take a guess and say probably not. It doesn’t matter if laws are written on paper or etched in stone by God, nothing can prevent the unchecked desire to have and to hold.

This morning a man was trampled to death by consumers racing to buy items priced considerably lower than their normal cost. The same mob ran over a pregnant woman who then lost her unborn child to the violent frenzy. Frugal shoppers—people who are commonly referred to as being smart and wise with their money—killed a human being in their lust to obtain lifeless items priced to entice the highest to the lowest income. Two hundred people, ran past and on top of a fellow human beings who could not move, who could not breathe, who lost their lives. They killed two humans in their pursuit to obtain something that they otherwise would likely not be able to afford.

Executives from Wall Street, financial institutions, and the federal government have all been assigned varied degrees of responsibility for the failure in the American economy but somehow one very red-handed and dangerous culprit has been left out: Consumers. The same people who would knock down a pregnant women to the curb for a few hundred bucks. The same people who will trample the life out of fellow human being so they can have something previously unavailable to them are just as responsible for the condition of our economy.

It’s convenient to point to the people who sit at the top and place all the blame on them but it’s the face in the mirror that will ensure this FUBAR situation will happen again and again and again because laws and rules, no matter from how high they are handed down, can never hold back that level of kill-to-own kind of greed.

I hope those who are responsible, all two-hundred of them, are charged with double homicide and sentenced accordingly. This event is so sick and it is so, so wrong, but I doubt nothing will happen. My guess is that this story will focus on how the store owners allowed this to happen rather than why these people were so infatuated with obtaining a flat panel television that they could not notice a dying man or a pregnant woman in peril. We’ll feel bad for them and go on as if nothing happened and go back to buying things no one really needs or wants.

Also: Avoid death, shop online.