About eight days ago my stomach let me know that it wasn’t happy in life. I spent twenty-four hours mostly vertical, really trying to avoid any movement so as not to make the stomach any more unhappy. Some hours–and then days–went by better than others but that’s putting it all mildly. Fortunately Airbag’s sick policy is such that I get to work from home so that when I need to sleep off a fever I’m not doing it leaning over a desk. Thankfully we have some great clients who were very gracious in their understanding but the work still has to get done.

As Cameron alluded to last week, business has been outstanding. Airbag continues to grow at a rate faster than expected, almost a year ahead of schedule. There’s not much to tell now but come March we’ll have a day or two of show-and-tell.

Meanwhile the writing panel for SXSW is coming together nicely. Along with myself sitting at the table will be Ethan Marcotte (a well educated man of the English language, especially in written form), Bronwyn Jones (copywriter for a very beloved technology gadget company), and Erin Kissane (editor superhero who doesn’t wear a cape much these days but still has the grammar lasso). These three insanely gifted and witty individuals will more than make up for my ten minutes of um’s and uh’s and if all else fails I’ll hijack the panel and bullet point the reasons why Nintendo’s Wii makes me yawn.