Sanford, Not Son.

Own a part of Airbag history with this very well cared for, and finely crafted, Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium. It’s time to upgrade and so with a small tear I must bid adieu to my trusty steed, of which details and measurements proceed henceforth.

**Operating System** MacOS X 10.3 AKA Panther
**Video** 15-Inch TFT Display 1280×854 Resolution ATI Mobility Radeon 64MB DVI with DVI-VGA Adapter S-video to Composite Adapter
**CPU, Memory, Storage, Ports** 1 Ghz G4 processor 1 GB DDR Memory 60 GB ATA Drive Superdrive (DVD/CD-RW) 1 FireWire 400 2 USB Ports
**Connectivity** Airport Card Installed Built-in Ethernet 56k Internal Modem
**Applecare/Condition** Three years left on the full coverage policy. Powerbook has never had any problems or service.
**You shoud also know** The packaging is in perfect condition. It will almost be like opening a brand new Powerbook! Oh and did I mention it has a Superdrive?
**As an added bonus…** You will also receive a free text ad to be placed on the homepage of Airbag for 30 days*. Drive limitless traffic to your blog or home based private detective consulting agency or refrigeration repair business with a text ad on Airbag!
Other forms of payment accepted: one (1) key of Columbian Nose Candy or a ride on the next [Russian Soyuz]( launch. Shipping charges to be arranged with the buyer, as per their requested method of delivery. Please note: “Via ostrich” is not an acceptable form of delivery of said unit for sale. *CONTENT OF AD PENDING APPROVAL FROM AIRBAG EDITORIAL BOARD, FCC, AND PENNSYLVANIA AMISH.