Save Ferris.

Bob Edwards is being replaced on NPR‘s Morning Edition, the most popular program on the public radio network, and second only to Rush Limbaugh in nationwide radio syndication.

This will come completely as a shock to most listeners because Bob has been as much a staple of morning life as is eating breakfast.

What’s more disturbing is that NPR seems to have no real reason for firing Edwards.

Spokeswoman Laura Gross said NPR‘s programming and news management made the change because they’re trying to refresh all the network’s broadcasts.

“It’s part of a natural evolution,” she said. “A new host will bring new ideas and perspectives to the show. Bob’s voice will still be heard; he’ll still be a tremendous influence on the show. We just felt it was time for a change.”

I’ve always been told, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. And in this case it’s not only in perfect working order but the most successful radio program produced by National Public Radio. This smells of management misconduct and politics gone bad.

I’m hoping that grass roots can form and save Bob’s post at Morning Edition. It’s time NPR felt the power of the blog. Spread the word, write to NPR management and let them know what a stupid move this is.

NPR contact information:

Morning Edition: [](mailto: Bob Edwards!)

Ombudsman: [](mailto: Bob Edwards!)

Main Number: (202) 513-2000

Main Fax: (202) 513-3329

If anyone has an email address for Kevin Klose, President and CEO, or any other board member, please post it in the comments.

Also, I blame Bush. Of course I can’t prove anything yet but I’m sure the Department of Homeland Security is involved on orders from the Whitehouse — black helicopters and all.