This week has flown by at ‘ludicrous speed’. It has seen the near death of Dean Allen, the mourning of an entire planet (well most of it anyway), and Zeldman featured as the top bill at Caesars Palace. It’s all happened so fast.

Today I present three sites that have to be seen.

  1. Lana, from And The Days After, has a collection of swell photos from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. If you’re looking for a quick trip away from where you are right now then click through and enjoy.

Meanwhile, Lana not only enjoys bubble tea (boba) she makes her own, a skill few posses.

  1. A borrowed link from Coudal will take you to Orisinal, a wonderful collection of games that remind me of the old penny arcades in Disneyland. Take five (smoke’m if you got’em), and try your hand at any of the 31 different games. My favorite so far is Bauns, a cross between skeetball and Tetris.

  2. Lastly, Bob Sawyer has been busy in the kitchen creating Pixelated – Design, Develop, Deliver. A new indie that features an interview with designer Todd Dominey and free scripts, in many varieties, for downloading goodness.

Also, looking to your right, you will see new pictures from Vancouver and San Francisco.

And, why do I keep wanting to put apostrophes where they don’t belong?